Friday, March 12, 2010

Let the Adventure Begin

I am new to blogging but I am up for an adventure. After all, I do have four children and that is not for the faint of heart. I hope to cover lots of topics here. My goal for this blog is to reach out to other mothers as I share the craziness of our lives. I hope, also, to entertain those who do not yet have children and to keep family and friends informed about the happenings in our neck of the woods. I am in the process of trying many new recipes and intend on sharing them as well. I am faced with the challenge of losing my pregnancy weight, so I will be blogging about my weight loss. My goal is to be accountable to readers and to provide encouragement for others seeking a healthier mind,body and spirit.

So for the first peek in to our lives an introduction is in order. My oldest son, Austin (11), is loving basketball and some freedoms that come with being the oldest of four. My second oldest son, Cole (9), is loving basketball and is my future actor. My only daughter, Alyssa (2) is full of life and thinks she is one of the boys. And last but not least is my youngest son, Andrew (5 months)he had a rocky start in life but all is well now.

Now to introduce my husband, Richard. He loves to fish and hopes that someday soon his boat will cease to be a shelf in the garage. He works long hours and makes many sacrifices for our family. We have been married 6 years and no he is not the father of my oldest two. Though they do have some of his characteristics and one even looks a little like him. He is a wonderful man who accepted two step children as his own. He is currently embarking on his own adventure...self employment. I am afraid but I have let my faith take over, I have too many other things that require my full attention.

I am by profession a hairstylist that has chosen to take a break, however I still see a few clients. My main focus is caring for our four wonderful and crazy kids. I am finding many ways to conserve and reduce spending. I have always been a bargain hunter who likes a good challenge. I love to read, crochet and draw, yet there is very little time at the moment. So for now I love to bake (we are eliminating unnecessary prepackaged products), spend time with my children, look for new recipes, find bargains, and now blog.

I would love to continue but I am exhausted and its 1.30am. I just fed the baby while typing so maybe he will sleep awhile. Busy day tomorrow...I have a hair appointment in the morning and then we are taking the kids to a rodeo in the evening. Should be fun, first time for all the kids.

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