Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break Bowling Trip

Cole and Brooke on our spring break bowilng trip.
I must have been crazy took my four plus one.

I bowl better with a helper...must keep me balanced.
Of course, my helper gave out.
Alyssa had a great time.
We had a great time bowling...will have to return soon.

I never know what it will be like when I take all of my shadows out together. They all have such different personalities and there is a big gap in the ages. A pre-teen, a "middle child", a two year old, and new born. Life is interesting to say the least. While we were bowling a group of older gentlemen were bowling two lanes over. One of them came over and ask me if they were all mine. So I told him all but one, and I was bracing of what would come never know. Everyone seems to have an opinion. He complimented the kids on how well behaved they were and told me I was doing a good job. I was so proud of all my little people and guest.  

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