Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to blog? and Longing for Summer

Somehow I have not found the time to blog. I really want to stay on top of this project however I am lacking in the area of time. Of course I don't have any readers at the moment. Yet, poor excuse because I am not doing this for readers. I am blogging to record what happens in our crazy life. There is so much entertainment in my little world.
Looking forward to the end of school. I still have a longing to home school, maybe in time. I believe I am ready for the summer more than the kids. Of course, the lack of structure does wear on me by the end of summer and I began to look forward to more of a routine. I guess I can't have it both ways.
I am thinking of organizing our summer though...With me not working this summer and the baby being a little older I am hoping to have many field trips and free outings with all of my little shadows. The grocery is not considered an outing. Alyssa had discovered she likes the playground so the park at least once a week with a picnic is in the plans. The boys would love to swim but Alyssa is still afraid of the water and Andrew doesn't need to be in the sun. Maybe a water park is in our future. I would also like to vacation this year...we will see. The boys haven't been to the beach but not sure I want to tackle that one with a 7mth old and three yr old. I do like a challenge but that is stretching things a bit.
Until next time and maybe it wont be weeks in between post.

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