Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home School the New Adventure

Back to school for us was August 9th for a half day. Austin began middle school (6th) and Cole home school in the 4th grade. I was not sure how things would go for us. I was excited about all of our new adventures and yet a little hesitant at the same time. Was I really going to let my oldest baby walk the halls of a middle school...its so big? Yes, I did let him go all the while telling him that home school was an option for him if he wanted it. You see he is my strong willed child and if I had said to him he had to stay home to do school the would have made the year miserable on all of us. Cole really needs my help this year and we do not need to be distracted by someone who would rather not be here.

Cole seemed really excited about being at home. I was not sure because he loved school for the socialization only. We are going to join a home school group, a hip hop dance class, and basketball in the fall. So I think he will make lots of new friends. He seems to be doing well at home with me and the little ones. We have our first field trip this week with my cousin and her kids that she is home schooling. Cole and her son are the same age so we may try to get them together for more outings.

I have had the most trouble adjusting to our new adventure. I believe I will get all of the kinks worked out. Soon I hope before I lose my mind. I am just trying to work out a routine that works for all of us. The little ones still need me too. And my house... it looks like a zoo. Or maybe it is adding a fourth child to the mix...things seem to have been crazy around here since last October. 

Our first two weeks are going great. Here are some pics over the last few weeks. I think I only have one of Austin. For some reason he does not like to have his picture taken. I try to seek a few anyway but he is too quick for my slow camera.

He loves chew on.

Well I had more pics but the computer is aciting goofy so guess I'm done for the night.

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