Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Look Back at Summer

We had a busy summer well really everyday is busy for us. The boys slept in alot this summer and of course Andrew had two to three naps a day. It was like everyone was on a different shift. When the boys would finally get up Andrew would be going down for a nap. Needless to say there were not many outings. It was also very hot this summer. I normally don't mind the heat and do prefer summer over winter. However, when you have a very heavy baby that you are lugging around and a three yr. old hanging on you the heat is so much more intolerable. Our big event for the summer was a trip to visit my sister and family. They had gotten the boys tickets to see Toby Mac in concert. It was their first concert and my first in a long time. While we were their John and I took the kids to the zoo while mom, Stacy (pregnant/ semi bedrest), and Andrew stayed at the house. We had a great time. Ellie goes to the zoo all the time but it was Alyssa's first trip and the boys haven't been in a long time either. Fun was had by all and we only melted a little.

I ask everyone what animal they wanted to see: Austin the snakes, Cole the monkeys, Ellie the seals, Alyssa the pumas and me the gariffe. I can't remember what John wanted to see, but we saw almost all the animals. The girls were beginning to wear out in the heat so after the pumas we called it a day. We headed home for a quick swim and John, me and the boys had to get ready for the concert.

I have to say the concert was the best I have ever seen. There was lots of energy and God's presence was defnetly there. It was very loud my ears hurt for a couple of days after and I can't believe that some people brought little ones to the concert. They may have had earplugs in but it was still way too loud for little ears.

What is a post without pics so here they are:

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  1. Thanks for the pics! You will have to show me how to add them sometime. We had a great time and hope that all of you can visit again soon!