Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Great Room Swap

When we realized that we were expecting another child in Feb of 2009 we realized that we were out of rooms. No problem the babies can share a room was the plan. I don't know what I was thinking... my boys were two years apart and I tried to have them share a room when they were small. A two/ three year old does not need to share a room with anyone. They don't understand the meaning of quiet. Plus when the toys are in the bedroom and the baby is sleeping where is the older child going to play. But of course, our plan was to have the little ones room together so that the boys could have their own space. What where we thinking?

Now that Andrew is almost 7 months old and sleeping in his own room we had to make some changes. Alyssa has been sleeping with me in order to keep her from waking Andrew in the middle of the night. Most of the time he sleeps all night. Alyssa may wake one or two times sometimes none. But it is a lot easier to get them back to sleep one at a time than at the same time. Especially when I am half asleep myself. So the new plan: Alyssa and Andrew will have their own rooms and Austin and Cole will be sharing a room. The boys are true boys and fuss and argue about everything. Austin will be going into middle school this fall so I wanted to try to give each of them some privacy and a feeling that they had their own space within their new room. So began the Great Room Swap... I told my husband about the delima and his solution was to put a temporary wall in the room giving each his own side. I thought it was a great idea but never expected the boys to go for it but they loved the idea. The wall is rough and unfinished maybe that is what they like about it. Their friends think it is cool.

Alyssa's new room

Austin and Cole's new room

Austin's new space

Cole's new space

Andrew's new room

It took a whole weekend to paint two rooms and move every ones stuff. We used paint that I already had to paint Andrew's room and used the black accessories that Cole had. My mom said she had never seen black in a baby's room but I think it looks great. The paint color is a blueish/ gray it looks really nice. Austin's old room was blue per his choice. Alyssa had some pictures that have blue, pink and green in them they show up great on the dark blue wall. So we decided not to paint her new room. Alyssa and Andrew's room was green and pink with a ocean border. The boys had to have paint for their new room. I chose a brown, it looks great. Mom and I spent Mother's Day painting. I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day.

As of right now everyone is pleased with the Great Room Swap. Even if they are not this is the way things will be for awhile. We are planing to remodel in time. Maybe when Austin is going into high school we will be able to have another Great Room Swap...we shall see. Pics of Andrew's room are coming this evening he was having a nap during this post.

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