Thursday, May 6, 2010

Toy Overload and Spring Cleaning Fever

I am beginning to feel like the baby stuff and the toys are taking over the house. Or maybe I have stared at the same walls to many days. Something has to give. I have considered banning all toys from downstairs or even the house (ok not really). But the thought has crossed my mind.

We have baby toys and baby stuff all over the house. Two playpens, two changing tables, a high chair, a bouncy thing, baby bed, and toys, toys, toys. There are plenty of toys from Alyssa as well. Balls, dolls, puzzles, cooking stuff, music stuff, everywhere I look there is a toy. My older boys have their big toys, IPods, basketballs, stuff, stuff, stuff. And when my husband comes home there are shoes, shoes, and more shoes, along with the papers, clothes and whatever he drags in from the truck. I love my family even though they are a bunch of pack rats... that like there "stuff." No one can ever find anything and where do they come first - me. My usually response is " I did not play with it last, but if I had I would have put it back where it belongs." Really is it that hard a concept to follow? Of course, I get eye rolls and a huff as they slink away to look for the missing "stuff." I have to admit sometimes I do know where the missing thing is hiding but I have to let them go look. 

Here is a peek at the toy problem...

I have not had a toy policy but one is coming. Toys have lived all over the house. At one time this past winter I pulled all of Alyssa's toys downstairs and  made an area in the living room that was all hers. With the baby sleeping in my room and me so tired I did not want to run up and down the steps all day. We had a water leak during the cold months so when they came to dry out the floors we had to take the play area back upstairs. However a new problem has begun now that Andrew is six months old and sleeping in their room. When he is napping Alyssa has no where to play but downstairs. I have tried to limit the amount of toys that steam into the living room, yet to no avail. I would like to have a playroom but I do not see that happening. We have a garage that could be used but I sure did enjoy parking in there this winter, especially with the baby and having to run out every morning at 7:15 to get the boys to school. And when I say RUN that is literally what we have done.  

For the solution at the moment...toy bins is my answer. I have clear plastic storage boxes that will house the out of control toys. My plan is to have categories for the boxes.

  1. Music (any thing that makes music or that she pretend to make music with)
  2. Thinking and Learning (puzzles, games, coloring books)
  3. Baby and doll stuff (bottles, bath, clothing)
  4. Kitchen (play food, dishes, grill, etc.)
  5. Balls, balls, swords (things she plays with the boys)
  6. Andrew's baby toys
  7. Cars, trucks, trains
As you can see we have a wide range of play things. I hope it will mold a well rounded child. She has her girl toys and her tomboy toys. Gotta love a girl growing up with three brothers. The toy bins have been purchased but because everyone is sleeping I can not fill them now. I am hoping to tackle that chore tomorrow but you never know what will take place around here. It is always a mystery, but of course that is what keeps things from getting boring. I will post pics of the toy arrangement.

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