Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ice Cubes or Baby Food?

I found myself in a very different situation this year. My husband started his own business, we had medical bills pouring in from all directions, and with four children I found myself not working. Of course I was only working part time after I had Alyssa.  Mom stayed with her on Thursday and Friday or she would go to the shop with me. On Saturdays she went to her other Nana's house. We were very BROKE. I had tried to make my own baby food with my first child but I didn't know what I was doing. Before Andrew was ready to eat I began making food to store in the freezer for him. I also found some information that helped me with the process. I like to refer to this web site it has provided me with lots of helpful information.

I use ice cube trays to freeze my puree in then pop them out and place them in baggies. The freezer is loaded with cubes for my little man.

I know that I am saving money and it doesn't take much time to prepare his little meals. I know what is going in to his little body. Maybe with such a variety of food choices he will not be a picky eater.  I have to say I like preparing baby food better than buying it at the store. One of the reasons, I don't have to worry about running out or running to the store before I'm ready. The only problem I have had with frozen food is after a weekend of stormy weather and many power surges we failed to check the little freezer in the garage. Yes, it was out and we had lost quite a bit of food cubes. Lesson learned I will check next time it storms. Who knew.

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  1. It is funny because I learned the ice cube trick on my 6th child! I can't believe it took me so long to realize I could make baby food ahead of time and freeze it!

    I was very excited to try this with our 7th baby, but she ended up with major feeding issues and never ate baby food! Oh well, at least I wasn't spending money on store brand food!