Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finding a Balance

Now that I am a full time stay-at-home mom I am searching to find a balance. A balance in all things. I tend to start a project and focus on it until it is finished and then move on to the next. I do not like to do laundry daily, therefore Monday is laundry day. When it is done I don't have to think about it again until next week. Part of the problem is laundry day and grocery day tend to fall on the same day and this is just not working for me. When my husband left on Monday nights I would leave our daughter with him and run errands. Now that we have an addition to the family and he leaves in the morning rather than the evening the little ones go with me to the grocery. Summer is coming and although I love having them all home with me I am not eager to head off to the grocery every week with four, I am trying to shop with a budget. Cole like to run the calculator but I usually toss my list to the side and move quickly through the store before they can fill my buggy with JUNK. It is not on the list, too expensive and not good for you.

Food preparation has also become a never ending battle. I am trying to cut out all prepackaged foods and processed foods.  I have very picky eaters mostly the boys including my husband. I would love to have a garden but I cant see putting all of the work in it when no one will eat the rewards of my labor. I have been making homemade breads, pizza crust, and many other things.  I have one who says he doesn't like bread. I have one that will not eat meat unless it is chicken and of course no vegetables. I have one that doesn't like beans, potatoes, or cooked vegetables. I have one that is three, how much can she eat. And the baby I am making baby food for him. I cook and sometimes I am the only one that eats. I can't see how I am saving if I have to through the food out. Plus the time it takes to cook. I love to bake and cook however sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time. Or the time I am taking to cook could be used to play more with my children. Balance where is the balance? The kids all help me cook form time to time.

Making biscuits.

Making cookies. My boys are trying to look tough.

Andrew helping me knead pizza dough.

Alyssa giving Austin instructions, I'm sure they are making cookies.

Andrew watching the chefs.

Such a happy little guy (as long as I am near)

 Maybe we do spend more time together than I think we do. I just feel like I am in the kitchen all the time. Maybe just because it has been winter and there was nothing else to to. Come on summer...I'm ready for an adventure.

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