Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Limits, Limits, Limits

Limits are not easy for me to accept. I have four little people that need me. I have found myself with another injury. When we were at mom's house for Easter I was caring my little "chunky monkey" with one hand. When he leaned back I tightened my grip and pulled the tendons in my wrist. It hurt then but I shrugged it off, it wasn't that bad. Now almost two months later I am in pain. So, off to the doctor I went. She was thinking maybe a sprain and gave me a steroid pack to take for a few days. It felt great but then the meds wore off and the pain came even worse than before. Back to the doctor but this time a orthopedic doctor. He says pulled tendons and I need to wear a brace that keeps my thumb from moving. Ugh, the pain and the aggravation.

Now how am I supposed to take care of my shadows with this contraption on? I first thought it wound not be so bad, but then I began to realize all the things you need a thumb for. Try changing the diaper of a very wiggly seven month old with only the use of one hand, very comical.  Washing dishes, folding clothes, cooking, making homemade yeast rolls (yes I tried, and succeeded) and anything else you can imagine is a struggle with one hand. Peeling poatoes for dinner was a true challenge. I made popcorn after dinner such a simple task was a chore tonight but we enjoyed it so it was all worth it.

I may have to give up my determination to only cook from scratch for the nex four weeks. I dont think the boys want to spend the first part of summer washing dishes daily. There are plenty of other things I will need them to help me do. So on my grovery list are paper plates and a few easy to prepare meals. Just wondering how I am going to wash my own hair. I am thinking about in the kitchen sink with help from the boys...should be interesting.

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